How to Care for Your Decorative Lamps Around the House

Along with the development of the art of designing a house, some of the household’s tools have addition to their function. One example is the lamp. The lamp is normally used as a tool to illuminate a house, but now, the lamp adds as a complement to many of the decorations in the house.

At this time, there are many types of lamps sold in the community. It is because of the high demand for home decoration lamps that creates a creativity surge by the lamp manufacturers to create lamp with a variety of materials.

Lamps for aesthetics purposes in the house have many varieties. The lamp to be used outside the house is usually shaped as a spotlight lamp. This lamp is useful to illuminate pillars in the terrace of the house. Want to make a romantic impression on the terrace? The spotlight with a yellow nuace feel can be used. Since the lamp is put in front of the house, you should choose a spotlight lamp that is hardy against the change in climate particularly heat and rain.

Especially for the home interiors, you can use decorative lamps to enhance your home. The elections of decorative lamps should be adjusted to the style of the house and the furnitures in it. The size of the room must also be considered. Do not buy the decorative lamps that are too large relative to your house because it will not have a balanced feelings when placed together with other furnishings.

For the illumination, several options can be taken. If you want to create a dramatic and romantic feeling, choose the decorative lamps with light colors. Meanwhile, to give the impression of softness and quietness in the room, you can use decorative lamps with a bluish tinge.

The placement of the decorative lamps are also important. The placement of decorative lights should be proportional and functional. Maintainaning decorative lamps is not easy, the patience needed is high. The use of a dry cloth and afeather duster is very useful for many decorative lamps in the house. For the decorative lamps that are made of glass, use a little soap and water to clean them up. After that, clean every part of them dry with a dry cloth carefully to avoid the cratching and braking of the lamp.
Because of the hardy material to be used against heat and rain, the spotlight lamps outside your house can be cleaned with soap and water. Just make sure that you don’t forget to use a dry cloth to clean it afterwards.


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